Help in an emergency

If you are overseas and need assistance with an accident, medical emergency, hospitalisation, trip cancellation or delay, or any other urgent event, you can make an emergency claim by calling us on+61 2 8074 5522.

We’re here to help 24/7 and can be reached by reverse‑charge if you’re calling from outside Australia.

To help us assist you, it’s important that you:

If you need to go to hospital

If you or anyone in your travelling party is hospitalised, you or a member of your travelling party must contact our emergency assistance service as soon as it is practical. If you do not, we will not pay for any expenses, evacuation or airfares.

We can help you in medical emergencies and with other things like finding local hospitals, or local consulates or embassies, or staying in contact with your family.

Our Emergency Response team is specifically trained to assist Australian travellers and is always available, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Call  +61 2 8074 5522  (reverse charges are available)

After you have called us

The following things may happen:

  • we may need to assess your condition by contacting the hospital you are in to obtain necessary medical reports, and we may need to contact your general practitioner at home;
  • you will to need follow the instructions of our emergency assistance team, subject to medical advice, as to where you can be treated to ensure you receive quality medical care;
  • we may also consider it necessary to return you to Australia or evacuate you to another country.

If you have a medical condition but are not hospitalised

If you or a member of your party listed on your certificate of insurance, becomes ill or suffers an injury but does not require hospitalisation or repatriation to Australia, and where the costs are likely to be under AUD2,000, you do not need to contact our emergency assistance service immediately.

It may be more convenient to pay the costs yourself and claim later. Be sure to keep all receipts and obtain copies of any medical reports to submit with your claim.

Passport stolen, lost or damaged

If your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, call our emergency assistance service so we can help you find a local consulate and so we can tell you what need to make a claim.

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