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You’ll Be Lost Without Them! 6 Essential Map Apps for Overseas Travel

8 January 2020

If the thought of getting lost in a foreign destination gets you a little anxious, you’re not alone. Sure, digital maps are all good and well, but what happens when you’re stuck without signal? Or if you don’t feel like spending a whole bunch of money on data?

Thanks to mobile app developers in the travel space, we’re spoilt for choice with awesome map apps designed to keep us on track – without and without Wifi or mobile data. Check out these top-rated map apps for Australian travellers.

Maps.Me is a must-discover mobile application for Aussie travellers. Available for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices, lets you access your maps even when you don’t have a wifi signal. Find detailed data for any location on the planet and never worry you’ll be hit with huge roaming charges or exceed your data plan limits. If you add only one map app to your digital device, just might be your best choice.

Wifi Map

If you’re a digital nomad who plans to work from public places like coffee shops, you’ll want to add Wifi Map to your smartphone or tablet. This super helpful app lets you discover passwords for wifi hotspot locations and read comments from other users who have accessed wifi at your chosen destination. Wifi Map offers wifi information from around the globe; whether you’re traveling to Asia or Africa, you’ll be able to access wifi on the go.

Google Maps

Sometimes there’s just no need to reinvent the wheel. Google Maps is popular for a reason – it works! That is why it is by far the most popular navigation app in the world. Now you can take advantage of its offline maps functionality to navigate anywhere around the globe, even without an internet connection. It offers accurate maps for 220+ countries, as well as transport schedules and maps for 15 000+ cities. Best of all – it is compatible with plenty of languages from English to Mandarin, German, French and beyond. Simply select the neighbourhood, region, or country you need offline from the Google Maps app, direct to your phone.


PocketEarth is available to iOS users who have a penchant for adventure. This powerful map app provides details on everything from hiking maps to GPS recordings. Never worry about getting lost or not being able to access your maps in remote locations. With PocketEarth on your digital device, you’ll always know where you’re going.


This is a great one for those self drive holidays, when the rental car GPS comes with a hefty price tag that you’d rather avoid.Also available for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices, OsmAnd offers offline map viewing, voice-enabled directions, traffic and lane guidance, and bicycle/walking path information. Adapt your maps to show public transportation and enjoy real-time itinerary updates.


If you want to take your digital travels to the next level, consider adding CityMaps2Go to your iOS or Android device. Not only are you able to enjoy awesome maps filled with details, you get to enjoy amazing content to inspire your wanderlust travel bug. Make lists of places you want to add to your travel bucket list and enjoy photos from travellers who have already ventured to your wish-list destinations. You can even share your travel lists with other adventurers and plan trips together or arrange to meet in a specific location.

Thanks to helpful travel apps, take the road less travelled is now much easier. You can plan your adventures, track your current movements, and look forward to your next destination.

Will you be adding any of these terrific map apps to your list of digital travel tools?

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